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Porxos Experience

Porxos Garden

"Porxos Garden arises from the need for a change in life together with the desire and enthusiasm to start a new project. After much reflection and thanks to the unconditional help of my family and friends, after more than 20 years dedicated to teaching, I dare to start this new project full of fears, but at the same time with all the strength and maturity that so many years of work have made me acquire.

My goal is to pamper Porxos Garden and that every detail, every corner, transmits to you a little of me and my ambition, a little of my hometown and its history and a little of the air of the Mediterranean Sea that is part of our culture and tradition.

My mission is to make you experience, live and enjoy Porxos Garden as an authentic experience, always applying a responsible policy and committed to sustainable tourism development.

I hope that your stay at Porxos Garden is inspiring and you can see for yourself all the enthusiasm, effort and passion of this project.

I invite you to walk through the porch gallery, through the common areas, through the rooms and through the urban garden to experience and enjoy all these feelings."

Sandra Baldo

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Why Porxos?

Porxos is not simply a hostel, Porxos is something more.

Porxos Garden

1. It´s architecture since it is an emblematic building of neoclassical stylistic typology that combines decorative reliefs with the austerity of the interior of the portico gallery. These reliefs make many references to navigation, trade and the representation of the Indies or America, a crucial era in the history of Catalonia which gave rise to the birth of the Catalan bourgeoisie.

2. Is history due to the fact that it contains a strong historical component. It was also the first home of Picasso and his family when they came to live in Barcelona, as well as the first building with drinking water in the city. Picasso often went up to the roof of the building to observe the urban landscape, and there he was inspired to create several paintings that are part of the Picasso Museum´s collection and which were most likely the first ones he created in Barcelona.

3. It´s pleasure : The area is unbeatable, connected to any point in the city and very close to the sea to be able to enjoy all the activities, monuments and experiences that Barcelona offers.

Why Garden?

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The inspiring building, while decadent, neoclassical and elegant in structure, houses a beautiful urban garden on the roof that allows you to connect with yourself, reflect and view the entire city of BARCELONA.

I invite you to walk through the porch gallery, experience and enjoy all these feelings.